Residential Weekly Compost Collection

compost bucket

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, basement suite, or your own home you can feel good knowing that your food scraps are being turned into something beneficial.  You fill the bucket with food scraps, we pick it up and compost it! No mess, no fuss!  You choose whether you want the finished compost product back for your own garden or yard! 

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Commercial Weekly Compost Collection

compost buckets

Are you a restaurant or grocer that wishes there was something that could be done about all of the food waste ending up in the trash bin?  Or just hate throwing that banana peel in the trash at work and would love to have some one pick it up and compost it for you.   Let's work together to make change happen!

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Compost Sales


We have bulk and bagged compost options available.  Whether you need some for your market garden, or the potted plant in your home, we can provide. 

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Waste Free events


Hosting an event around Prince Albert? Want to  make it as sustainable as possible? 

 Are you already buying the compostable plates and cups and don't want to waste that extra money you are spending to have it all go to the landfill where it doesn't break down anyways? 

We'll set up a waste free station  and make sure that your event is doing it's part!

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Have a backyard bin that needs some assistance, have material on the farm that you just don't know what to do with?  

 We can help implement a composting system that will meet your goals and allow you to return that fertility back into your soil.  

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Want to learn how you can compost yourself?  

Our goal at the Compost Corner is to return as much of the organic "waste" back to the soil as possible whether that's in your backyard or our large piles.  We host learn to Compost events throughout the year.  

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