Frequently asked questions


how do i sign up?

Hit the Sign Me Up button below and fill out the form.  We'll deliver a bucket to your home and arrange for payment. 

How much does it Cost?

 Residential Weekly Pick up Service

  • 1 Month Service - $20 
  • 6 Month Service - $105 ($17.50/month)
  • 12 Month Service - $180 ($15.00/month) (Plus receive a free bucket of finished compost)
  • Snow Bird Service – April – December - $105 ($15.00/month) (Plus receive a free bucket of finished compost)

Commercial Weekly Pick up Service

  • Price dependent on volume of material. Contact us for more details. 

Finished Compost

  • Dependent on volume and screening requirements.  Contact us for more details.

I want some finished compost where can i get it?

Right now we have limited compost available for pick up or delivery.  Contact us for pick up and delivery options. 

I'm worried about smells, is that going to be a problem?

We get it, food scraps can be nasty, that's why we pick up weekly so that it never sits for too long.   in the Summer time pails are cleaned out every week so you don't ever have an accumulation of smells in your pail.  In the winter, everything is frozen and therefore no smells. 

If you want to be extra cautious so you don't have a smelly bucket, we recommend the following.  

  1. Leave your Compost Corner Bucket outside and use a smaller container inside to collect your food scraps and dump them into the outside bucket daily.
  2. Line your bucket with newspaper (or fliers printed on newsprint) this helps keep your bucket clean and soaks up any extra liquids.

For the extra squeamish who want to take it to the next level here are some extra tips:

  1. Get into the habit of cleaning out the fridge the night before pick up so you never have those nasty surprises filling up your bucket all week.
  2. Keep food scraps in the freezer – scraps can be frozen in a small container in the freezer to keep them from decomposing before you put them in your bucket. 

What's the difference between your compost and others I can pick up at the store

By buying our compost you enjoy the following benefits:

  1.  You are supporting local, local food scraps making local compost
  2. Locally made compost is suited for local soils.  The micro-organisms that make compost magic are specific to an area, our composts are is made right here in Prince Albert on top of local soil.  
  3. Our hot composting methods ensure that pathogens and weed seeds are not viable ensuring that you won't introduce weeds into your garden beds.  We are working on getting testing completed to guarantee it's safety. 
  4. We are working to get our compost tested to make sure you are getting the highest quality product available
  5. We are working on our Compost Quality Alliance Certification and are committed to providing you with the best quality material

What can I put in my Compost Corner Bucket

If it was living once you can chuck it in the bucket.  By that we mean we take all of your food scraps.  While you shouldn't compost meats, and fats and cheeses in your backyard our piles can handle this type of material.   For a full list of what can and cannot go into the  bucket check out our blog.

Do and Don't Compost (jpg)


I don't make very many food scraps in a week, can I share a pail with a neighbor?

You bet!  Our mission is to have as many people composting as possible.  If that means sharing the cost with a neighbor than go for it!

I am hosting an event, can you compost for us?

Whether it's a party in your home, an event at your church or community hall, weddings, or a music festival for thousands of people, you can count on us to help make your event a sustainable success.  We can provide buckets and we'll pick up after an event, we can help you to figure out how to make the event as waste free as possible, and we can even provide a waste free booth to educate guests on what can and cannot be composted. 

I live in an Apartment can I still sign up?

Of course! We want to make sure that everyone has an option to compost their food scraps.  However there are some things to consider.  As our buckets are not cleaned out in the winter it is advisable to keep them outside.  If that is possible  on a balcony or outside your building that's great!  If not, let's talk to your neighbors and even your landlord about setting something up with a larger bin that the whole building (or just those who have signed up) can use.  

There are also options for indoor composting on your own.  Contact us and we can provide information and hook you up with our friends at McInnes Vermiculture products!

Why would anyone want to handle my food scraps?

 I grew up on a farm, where composting was something that was just done.  I thought everyone did it that way until I moved into the City and realized how wrong I was. 

It has always made sense to me that when we take something out of the soil (cut the grass, eat the vegetable, rake up the leaves) that we need to put it back some how so we are not just taking, without returning the favor.  

Compost improves soil, and with better soil we can grow better food, and with better food we have healthier people, and with healthier people we have better communities.  Maybe I watched too much Lion King on repeat as a kid and really took the Circle of Life bit to heart.   But I saw that people wanted to make environmentally friendly choices but didn't have the time, the know how, or space to do it so I saw an opportunity to help.   

Plus I  have young sons, it takes a lot to gross me out anymore.